Ghost Vapes Coming Soon

By Randal Vapes
on December 10, 2018

On Its way to High Tech Vaporizers is the inclusion of the ghost MV1. 

The MV1 is a premium on demand convection vaporizer. From all account this thing really does perform. This is a vaporizer that does require a longer inhale to get the best out of it so if this is something that might be perfect for you then keep an eye out as we very soon will add the MV1 stealth edition to the line up. 

We will also be carrying a range of accessories. Currently ghost are running low on some items so if you can't find something on our site once we do have ghost then it will likely arrive soon.

Black Friday Cyber Monday

By Randal Vapes
on November 22, 2018

Black Friday Cyber Monday kicks off tomorrow. And at High Tech Vaporizers we will be adding extra value to every order.

There will be items on sale. But for all orders that are made up with items that are not on sale will come with more or better freebies. Anyone that has shopped at HTV will know there is always a little extra included. But there will definitely be a difference in these freebies during the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales.

Enjoy! And thanks for visiting High Tech Vaporizers.

Check Out Our Thoughts Of Sticky Brick Labs New Runt

By Randal Vapes
on October 17, 2018

Check Out Our Thoughts Of Sticky Brick Labs New Runt

Check out our Talking Vapour blog where we dive into the ins and outs of the new Runt by Sticky Brick Labs. And answer the question. Is the new Runt worth having?

So is the new fang dangle Runt worth having? click HERE to find out.

Torch Lighters Coming Soon

By Randal Vapes
on August 04, 2018

One thing that HTV is definitely lacking in, is a range of good quality torch lighters.

Coming soon will be a range of lighters. From small cheap single flame lighters to very high quality 4 jet torches. And even a large single flame torch for vapes like the elev8r. These will hopefully arrive in the next few weeks. 

These lighters will be added due to the need for butane powered lighters to power all the butane powered vaporizers we currently stock. 

Update On Promised New Brands

By Randal Vapes
on July 13, 2018

Just an update on where we are regarding some new brands that we have previously said we would be stocking soon.

Incoming finally soon is the Puffco Peak. This beast is a little different from most of our other items and really very different to anything on the market today. Portable essential oil dabs here we come.

Phoenician grinders is due to hit HTV any day now. This company has been around for awhile now and have really made a name for themselves as a premium herb grinder manufacturer. And as far as I know the only company to claim their grinders as full medical grade sterilized herb grinders. This may mean absolutely nothing to you but at the very least it shows some serious attention to detail.

Arizer is another company that is new to HTV but is by now a household name in the world of herbal vaporizers. We don't yet stock any Arizer items but soon will stock all their new portables including the ArGo, Air 2 and Solo 2 and the relevant accessories to go with it. 

HTV is made and created for you guys so if you have any suggestions of what you may like to see at HTV then please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


A Massive Thanks To Our Valued Customers

By Randal Vapes
on June 17, 2018

Ever since High Tech Vaporizers began we have been continuously surprised by the the kind nature of all of our customers. And we wish to thank each and every one of you for your support. It means the world to us.

We were originally expecting that at least every now and then we were going to have to deal with a customer that might either rip us off or was just a pain to deal with. But in over a year in business not once have we had a customer who we haven't been more then happy to give them our all in service, before and after the sale. Yes we do get an occasional complaint (very rare) but for us complaints are always taken on board and changes are made where possible to better serve you guys in the future.

HTV is 100% for you guys. We want shopping at HTV to be an enjoyable experience from the time you first arrive on the HTV home page right through to the unboxing and beyond. 

As this site is for you guys any feedback you can give us whether its positive or negative is greatly appreciated. We love hearing the positive stuff, lets us know we are on the right track. On the other hand negative feedback will help us better serve you guys in the future. There is always room for improvement and we are continuously pushing for a better experience throughout the HTV experience. 

If you do have any ideas about how we could  improve the HTV experience or if there is a product or two you wish we carried. Or even if you just want to say hello. Please contact us at  Lets build something special.

Much Love from the HTV Crew



Dynavap is coming

By Randal Vapes
on May 16, 2018

dynavap logo

Finally Dynavap will find a home in Australia. We are proud and excited to announce that High Tech Vaporizers will be teaming up with Dynavap to stock all your favourite Dynavap vaporizers, accessories and parts.

Dynavap is a truly unique vaporizer and the experience had with a Dynavap vaporizer is like nothing else on the market.

All Dynavap vaporizers are powered by butane torches. To use a Dynavap your favourite herb is loaded in the end of the vaporizer then the cap is re installed. This is when the heating takes place. And is also when things get interesting. The cap is heated using a butane torch until you hear a click. This means the Dynavap is at optimum temperature. You are now ready to take your draw. A few good draws from the Dynavap and you will hear once again the all impressive click. This means that the dynavap will need reheating unless of course you have already finished your herb.

Dynavap cater for a wide range of tastes with different materials used in the manufacture process to different shapes and sizes.  We will be stocking all types of Dynavap's so you can be sure you can find what you are looking for at High Tech Vaporizers.

Stay tuned for more in depth tips, tricks and techniques in regards to Dynavap vaporizers.

Kind Regards & Smooth Vapour

Randal Vapes

Happy Birthday High Tech Vaporizers

By Randal Vapes
on April 20, 2018

Happy Birthday High Tech Vaporizers

It was on this day one year ago that High Tech Vaporizers was launched. We would like to thank everyone who supported us over the last year. We care a lot about our customers and I really hope that comes across.

Year two of High Tech Vaporizers is shaping up to be a big one. We are currently sifting through all the vaporizer related products out there to find everything you need to make your ritual a more enjoyable one. As I have said before and still believe more then ever it is all about you guys and what we can do for you.

Thanks again everybody for your support. High Tech Vaporizers will always be your premium customer service vape store.


New Brands Coming Soon! Sticky Brick Labs, Phoenician Grinders, Puffco Peak and more

By Randal Vapes
on April 02, 2018

Here at High Tech Vaporizers we are always on the lookout for new toys in the world of vapes. It`s all about you guys and we want to give you a variety of some of the best options out there. We will always be adding new products here so keep an eye out.

Coming Soon To High Tech Vaporizers

Sticky Brick Labs

Sticky Brick vaporizers is a realatively new vaporizer and is vastly different to anything else on the market that I have seen. They are all made of magnetic wood blocks that snap together into a unique vaporizing experience.

The Sticky Brick is a convection vaporizer that is powered by a butane jet lighter. Butane... Sounds bad I know but as long as you use high quality refined butane it really isn't an issue. What you do get with a butane powered vaporizer is instant on demand heating. And some of the tastiest clouds you will ever have. I am yet to experience this for myself but all sources are leading me to believe this to be true. Testing will begin soon though and an in depth review will follow.

Phoenician Grinders

Phoenician grinders are known for there premium quality. Coming sterilized and sealed they are one of the only grinders that can truly claim to be medical grade.

A masterpiece for sure and would be a great addition to anyone looking to enhance their ritual. 

The only drawback with these grinders is their price. But with this price you get a lifetime guarantee and a grinder that has its own serial number. Great care is taken in the production of each and every single grinder that comes out of their warehouse.

Puffco Peak

The portable battery powered dab rig. There is a lot of hype around this product and fingers crossed it will live up to it all. This is a brand new product so will surely find out more in the coming months whether it worth the expense. These are another rather expensive item but may be just what your looking for.

Firefly 2

The firefly 2 will also be added to the shelves. This is a vaporizer I previously steered clear of. This is only due to the learning curve that the firefly usually has. Personally I have owned one for a couple of years now and was frustrated at the start. Using it was like trying to hold my breath under water. But once you master the technique of this vaporizer you will be rewarded with possible the best tasting vapor I have ever inhaled. And you may need to change your pants should you ever put concentrates in the firefly 2. Total weapon with waxes.

This vaporizer is for someone with the patients to learn the technique required. 

Elev8r By Elev8 Glass 7th Floor

The Elev8r is a full convection butane powered vaporizer that is nearly 100% glass besides a screen. It can be used with great success with dry herb and concentrate. And produces heavy tasty vapor. With the Elev8r a portion of the glass is heated up then once heated you take your draw. The Elev8r can also be installed into a glass rig.  This is a really good option for both concentrate and dry herb lovers. Convection dabs using the included ceramic disk are full of flavour and are a genuine alternative to bangers and nails.

Life Saber By 7th Floor

This one has been around for awhile but only recently has been made with an Australian plug. The Life Saber is a direct draw vaporizer with all the power you would ever want out of a vaporizer. It uses 7th Floor's famously hardy ceramic heating element and has a 100% glass vapour path besides any screens and ceramic disk you may be using. The Life Saber can be used for both dry herb and concentrate and works well at both. And is also very affordable. Price will be around the $250 mark. This sort of vaporizer style is comparable to the plenty in the way you use it. Although are very different vaporizers.


We want to stock what you guys need. So will be adding all sorts of accessories whether your looking for a tool of some sorts, cleaning supplies or just a little screen. We will have you covered.

Please feel free to get in contact with us should you need something that we don`t stock. We may have missed something and would be happy to add it to our shelves.

New Payment Options Available. POLi Payments & Cryptocurrency

By Randal Vapes
on February 27, 2018

New Payment Options Available. POLi Payments & Cryptocurrency

At High Tech Vaporizers we are always looking to improve the user experience on our site. The latest change has come in the form of payment options.

In the past we have only had one option, PayPal. And now we have three.

Introducing POLi Payments                   POLi Payment option logo

POLi Payments is an online payment company owned by Australia post. 

POLi enable you to purchase directly from High Tech Vaporizers through POLi Payments using your online banking details. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a payment. It should also be said that No bank account details are held by High Tech Vaporizers and we do not see them at any stage.

POLi is a great option for those who don`t want to use credit cards but want the advantage of instant payments.

Introducing Cryptocurrency Payments

cryptocurrency logos bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency we thought it to be a no brainer to add crypto as a payment option.

We are currently using Coinbase Commerce as the payment gateway for crypto. Coinbase gives you the ability to pay with 4 of the biggest crypto`s in the market today. The grandaddy Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are all cryptos that you can use when shopping at High Tech Vaporizers.

PayPal Not Going Anywhere

PayPal of course is still going to remain an option. As the most trusted payment option online they do give a lot of piece of mind for the consumer.