For quite awhile now we have noticed you guys searching for the Fury vaporizer by Healthy Rips. And to be honest the Fury is actually a vaporizer we have wanted to stock since it first come out. We are a bit late to the party but any day now the Fury Edge will be available. 

For those of you that have no idea about the Fury. It is a very popular convection vaporizer that can be used with various different mouthpieces and can be easily attached to bubblers.

The Fury Edge is also healthy rips latest edition which I believe to be their third version of this vape so you can be sure that it has been well refined and will be a great performer. We are yet to get our hands on one here at HTV so we are definitely not experts when it comes to the Fury Edge. I can assure you though extensive testing will be done once this bad boy has arrived. There isn't a vaporizer that we don't do a good amount of testing with and i can say this is definitely one I am looking forward to.