RastaBuddhaTao is a very exciting and unique brand in the vaporizer world. They are well known for portable vaporizers such as the Zion, Milaana and their latest creation the Splinter.

There is something very different about the Splinter though and that is that it is powered via its 510 connection to a box mod which is typically used for e-cigs but in this case is the perfect partner to this convention vaporizing work horse. 

If you have been looking for somewhere to actually purchase these great vaporizers in Australia the wait will soon be over. We are thrilled to be able to get these vapes out there and also be your local contact for any issues should you ever run into any with these awesome little units.

I do also realise we have some customers who are hanging out for a Milaana from RBT. And we will be getting these in. But unfortunately there will be a wait on the Milaana. What you can expect in the very near future is both the Splinter and Splinter Z and various accessories such as the cooling kit. 

Exciting times ahead.....