VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer Review

By Randal Vapes
on March 21, 2018

VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer Review

VapeXhale`s Cloud Evo has been around for awhile now but still remains one of the most popular choices when it comes to home dry herb vaporizers. They`re really is`t anything on the market today that quiet compares to it. Sure there is vaporizers out there that are as good as it but nothing with the characteristics of the EVO. And that is why after so many years it still remains a top tier vaporizer. And one of the most popular at that.

So lets dig a bit deeper and see what makes this convection vaporizing beast so impressive. 

vapexhale cloud evo, swiss tree hydratube and honeycomb hydratube

Vapor Quality & User Experience

When it comes to vapor quality its hard to argue that the Cloud Evo is anything but exceptional. And also very customizable. With the Evo you have the choice of filtering your vapor through a number of different water perculated HydraTubes and also straight through glass tube mouthpieces. Not to mention the whip attachment and Hydrabases. The team from VapeXhale are always thinking up new glass designs and this really does freshen up the vapexhale experience. Its amazing what a new attachment can do for the quality of vapor that it produces. Not neccessarily better but the suttle differences are welcome if you have been sucking on the same glass for the past 2 years.

VapeXhale spectra

The Evo is a very powerful vaporizer and if its massive white room clouds you want, you will get it with the Evo. 10/10 for performance with both dry herb and concentrate. And thats not to say you cant turn it down and really take in the flavours.

The Cloud Evo is a convection vaporizer, this means that heated air moving through the herb is what heats it up and extracts the active ingredients. And with a 100% glass vapor path  besides the stainless steel herb basket you can be sure the vapor is pure without any plastic or metal taste.

And holly cow batman. The Evo is extremely effective with concentrates. And in this case the vapor path is truly 100% glass. When using concentrates instead of the stainless steel baskets a borosilicate or quartz tube is used. Just drop a bit in the tube and simply sliiiide it in. Your material will sit low in the Evo. This essentially preheats your oil using conduction, before it is then blasted with hot air as you inhale. A true power house with concentrates, that I promise you.

The Cloud Evo is very easy to use but does require the users breath to draw the hot air over the herb. So may not be a great option for someone with breathing dificulties. A long drawn out breath is what works best.

swiss tree hydratube and swiss honeycomb hydratube and cloud evo by vapexhale

Care & Maintenance


VapeXhale`s Evo itself really doesn`t need much maintenance at all. And takes a lot of use before it starts to show any sign of being dirty. All you need to do here is soak a q-tip in isopropyl and clean out the top half of the quartz tube that runs through the Evo. It is then advised to run another q-tip through with just water. Safety first


The frequency of cleaning will very from user to user depending on how much it is used and how much you care. But once again isopropyl is your friend.

I like to start by running hot water through the hydratube. This gives less amount of work for the more expensive iso to do. Then pour about 30-40ml  iso in through the bottom joint. Shaking it through the bottom section then into the top. Then will generally follow up with a second run of the same amount through the top. Shake Shake Shake, hopefully not into the side of the sink. After you are satisfied with your clean run some clean water through and your done.

If your hydratube is especially dirty or the iso itself didn`t get it clean. Try using a course salt with the iso. This mix will generally clean the dirtiest of glass.

There are of course many ways to skin a cat so if you have a method that works for you then of course stick to what works for you.

Herb Baskets

Whip that isopropyl out again. I generally keep a small sealed container with iso in it. When ever small items like vapexhale`s herb baskets get a bit grimmie i just pop them in for awhile  and give them a shake. Rinsing with clean water afterwards.


The vapexnail glass tubes are definitely the part that needs the most ongoing work to keep clean. There are a few different ways you can go about this. 

If you only have a couple vapexnails immediate cleaning may be neccessary. This can be done by turning your Evo up to max after you have taken your hit. This will burn off any left over material but will usually only clean the bottom half of the tubes. These can also be cleaned with a blow torch. They will come up good as new for awhile but over time they just don`t get back to that sparkly new that they used to.

A better option, would be to spend the money and get a ultrasonic jewellery cleaner. Sounds expensive I know. But really isn`t. You can pick up a cheap one for as little as $35, but I do recommend spending a little extra and getting a commercial grade one. These are usually around $100.

All you need to do is fill your ultrasonic cleaner with the appropriate liquid for example Grunge Off Super Soaker Cleaner. and drop your vapexnails in and let it do the work for you. This can also be used for HydraTubes.


 VapeXhale`s Evo is not a cheap vaporizer. And after using it you quickly realise why. It produces some of the most potent vapor i have ever experienced from a vaporizer. And also some of the tastiest, especially when used on low heat with just a plain old mouthpiece.

With all the accessories and add ons and the ability to use with your existing glass it fits easily into anyone collection and you will always find new ways to use it. This is a real advantage over most vapes that only work well when using in a specific way.

The Evo is also very efficient. You can put the smallest pinch in the herb basket and get great results. Basically paying for itself in saved herb.

The Evo is made to perform at high levels with both dry herb and concentrate. And also works great with sift placed straight in the bottom of the herb basket.

I think the question is how could you not like the Evo? And the only answer I have for that is if you have a really short breath you won`t be able to experience the Evo`s full potential.

So do yourself a favour, experience the flavour.

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LIFT Vaporizer by FLYTLAB Review

By Randal Vapes
on February 05, 2018

LIFT Vaporizer by FLYTLAB Review


When it comes to herbal vaporizers there is never a one size fits all. I personally have never tried 2 vaporizers that produce the same experience.

So to make your decision an easier one and put the right vaporizer in your hands High Tech Vaporizers will be bringing out a series of reviews to help you find the right vaporizer for you. 

Lets get started!

white LIFT and black LIFT vaporizer

LIFT Vaporizer by FLYTLAB

The LIFT vaporizer by FLYTLAB is very compact, surprisingly powerful and easy to use. This is not a vaporizer that has a learning curve. From the very first time you turn your LIFT on you will get great results. It has a ceramic oven which is great for flavour. And utilizes both conduction and convection heating.

Personally this is a vape that I always come back too. It brings the best out of your herb flavour wise and produces strong dense vapor. When inhaling vapor from the LIFT you know your inhaling vapor and is probably the closest to feeling like you are smoking while still taking advantage of the health benefits from vaporizing. This is a great option for someone transitioning from combustion to vaporizing.

Top Marks For Portability

At 10cm tall and 2.2 cm in diameter this vaporizer fits comfortably in hand, easily concealable and light enough as to not annoy you when carrying in your pocket. Compared to other really small vaporizers such as the PAX 3 and Davinci IQ, height wise the LIFT is slightly taller but in total volume when considering the width the LIFT is smaller then both of these. And is also lighter then both of these too. While the LIFT is light it should be mentioned that it does not feel cheap, it feels like a very solid unit. Nothing is loose and nothing rattles.

Vapor Quality & User Experience

 FLAVOUR FLAVOUR FLAVOUR: The vapor quality from the LIFT is superb and is what keeps me coming back. It pumps strong rich vapor even when set on medium settings and only filled 1/3 the way up. The LIFT really takes it to another level when packed to the brim though, and with high heat settings you can really go through the herb fast, if that`s what your after. The LIFT as a capacity of up to 0.7 grams. I found usual max to be more like 0.5 grams myself.

It does how ever have a heavy draw resistance comparable to the firefly 2.  While not a deal breaker for most this could be considered as a negative. This is occasionally made worse by blocked mouthpieces. With isopropyl this is quickly rectified.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze with with the LIFT vaporizer. The entire vapor path is the ceramic oven and the mouthpiece, that`s it. Occasional wipe out with a Q-tip and isopropyl is all you need to keep the oven clean. The thread is another place you should pay some attention to when cleaning. Keep your thread clean and your lid will screw on with ease. And if it gets tight all it needs is a clean. The mouthpiece should also be cleaned out with iso. This will ensure the best possible draw resistance. 

And just to be safe rinse the mouthpiece out with water and wipe the chamber with a damp cloth to remove any residue left behind from the isopropyl.

Technical & How To

The LIFT is operated by one button and has 3 setting. LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH. No useless functions here folks.

Press the button 3 times to turn on and off the device. It also has a auto shut off feature which turns the vaporizer off if it is not in use for 30 seconds. This is to both preserve your herb and battery. 

The unit will cycle through the 3 heat setting. Blue=low, yellow=med and green=high

Simply press the button again to select a heat setting and the unit will begin to heat up. Heat up time is anywhere from 28 to 35 seconds.

Each session lasts for 2 mins and will shut off at that time. The vaporizer will also shut off if the mouthpiece is pushed in. And will not turn on while the mouthpiece is pushed in. 


The LIFT also requires zero stirring. Something I think everybody hates but puts up with. This is due to its 360 degree heating elements that are embedded in the wall of the ceramic oven and aided by convection.


I was not expecting much from such a simply looking vaporizer and at only $230. This LIFT was surprisingly enjoyable to use and the vapor quality really speaks for itself.  It is a great option for out and about and at its low price would be a awesome first vape. Even if your someone who already has a $500 vape this would not go unused.

Current price of the LIFT is  214.95 at High Tech Vaporizers