Is Sticky Brick Labs New Runt Worth Having?

runt vaporizer sticky brick labsFresh out of Sticky Brick Labs workshop. The Runt vaporizer. This new addition on first appearance just looks like a smaller version of the OG Brick. And in essence that is what it is. But the Runt does have a few other differences in regards to design.

One feature on the Runt different from any other sticky brick is how itrunt sticky brick labs vaporizer pulled apart all hold together. This one utilizes a tongue and groove set up as well as magnets. Compared to the OG Brick for example which has magnets that hold the herb chamber and flame intake together as well as separate magnets that hold them both to the mouthpiece brick. While it is nice to have the added magnets to really hold the sticky brick together tightly. The combination of tongue and groove with minimal magnets enables effortless removal of the intake brick. This makes emptying and loaded the chamber just that little bit easier. 

runt vaporizer herb chamber brickAnother nice detail and much appreciated upgrade on the Runt is the chamfered edge that has been carved into the herb chamber. This might look like something hardly worth mentioning, but it is these little design features that make the runt such a well refined a just plane nice vaporizer to use. Previous sticky brick models have a little ledge that steps down into the herb chamber. And herb always gets court on this edge. Just another reason why the runt is a great go to vaporizer for no hassle vaping.

runt flame intake with restrictor diskNew Restrictor Disk

These new restrictor disks will now be included with all sticky bricks going forward. And the difference from using them and not is a very different experience. Probably the biggest change that has happened to sticky brick performance since their birth. 

The restrictor disk increases consistency by regulating the amount of heat going into the herb chamber. Compared to using a sticky brick without you will find that a larger flame will be required but the biggest difference will be that it is a lot less likely that scorching will occur. Over doing it is still possible but is a lot less likely and is just easier to use once you get the hang of it.

Difference in performance

Each sticky brick has its own characteristics. But for the most part all sticky bricks have similar traits. If you are lucky enough to own multiple sticky bricks you will likely easily tell this differences and you will be able to appreciate these characteristics.runt junior and og sticky brick If you were to put the runt alongside other sticky bricks you would stick it right in the middle of the OG Brick and Junior Sticky Brick. The Runt's vapour is smoother then the Junior but not as smooth as an OG. It does not come across harsh for most users but you do feel the warmth of the vapour on your throat as you inhale. This may tickle some sensitive throats out there but personally this trait makes the runt one of the most satisfying Sticky Bricks to use. 

As far as comparing to other vaporizers of different brands. I can honestly say potency and performance is only limited to your technique and there isn't any other vaporizer that I have used that I would say is more powerful. The Runt and all Sticky Bricks for that matter are king when it comes to performance. 

So Is The Runt Worth Owning

walnut and cherry runt sticky brick

 100% YES. Initially I thought there might not have been a need for another sticky brick in the lineup. My mind was immediately changed as soon as I had one in my hands. There is more then enough difference in design, performance and characteristics. That even if you had any other sticky brick in your collection adding a Runt could only be a good thing. Pure pleasure at your fingertips.