Just an update on where we are regarding some new brands that we have previously said we would be stocking soon.

Incoming finally soon is the Puffco Peak. This beast is a little different from most of our other items and really very different to anything on the market today. Portable essential oil dabs here we come.

Phoenician grinders is due to hit HTV any day now. This company has been around for awhile now and have really made a name for themselves as a premium herb grinder manufacturer. And as far as I know the only company to claim their grinders as full medical grade sterilized herb grinders. This may mean absolutely nothing to you but at the very least it shows some serious attention to detail.

Arizer is another company that is new to HTV but is by now a household name in the world of herbal vaporizers. We don't yet stock any Arizer items but soon will stock all their new portables including the ArGo, Air 2 and Solo 2 and the relevant accessories to go with it. 

HTV is made and created for you guys so if you have any suggestions of what you may like to see at HTV then please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.