Here at High Tech Vaporizers we are always on the lookout for new toys in the world of vapes. It`s all about you guys and we want to give you a variety of some of the best options out there. We will always be adding new products here so keep an eye out.

Coming Soon To High Tech Vaporizers

Sticky Brick Labs

Sticky Brick vaporizers is a realatively new vaporizer and is vastly different to anything else on the market that I have seen. They are all made of magnetic wood blocks that snap together into a unique vaporizing experience.

The Sticky Brick is a convection vaporizer that is powered by a butane jet lighter. Butane... Sounds bad I know but as long as you use high quality refined butane it really isn't an issue. What you do get with a butane powered vaporizer is instant on demand heating. And some of the tastiest clouds you will ever have. I am yet to experience this for myself but all sources are leading me to believe this to be true. Testing will begin soon though and an in depth review will follow.

Phoenician Grinders

Phoenician grinders are known for there premium quality. Coming sterilized and sealed they are one of the only grinders that can truly claim to be medical grade.

A masterpiece for sure and would be a great addition to anyone looking to enhance their ritual. 

The only drawback with these grinders is their price. But with this price you get a lifetime guarantee and a grinder that has its own serial number. Great care is taken in the production of each and every single grinder that comes out of their warehouse.

Puffco Peak

The portable battery powered dab rig. There is a lot of hype around this product and fingers crossed it will live up to it all. This is a brand new product so will surely find out more in the coming months whether it worth the expense. These are another rather expensive item but may be just what your looking for.

Firefly 2

The firefly 2 will also be added to the shelves. This is a vaporizer I previously steered clear of. This is only due to the learning curve that the firefly usually has. Personally I have owned one for a couple of years now and was frustrated at the start. Using it was like trying to hold my breath under water. But once you master the technique of this vaporizer you will be rewarded with possible the best tasting vapor I have ever inhaled. And you may need to change your pants should you ever put concentrates in the firefly 2. Total weapon with waxes.

This vaporizer is for someone with the patients to learn the technique required. 

Elev8r By Elev8 Glass 7th Floor

The Elev8r is a full convection butane powered vaporizer that is nearly 100% glass besides a screen. It can be used with great success with dry herb and concentrate. And produces heavy tasty vapor. With the Elev8r a portion of the glass is heated up then once heated you take your draw. The Elev8r can also be installed into a glass rig.  This is a really good option for both concentrate and dry herb lovers. Convection dabs using the included ceramic disk are full of flavour and are a genuine alternative to bangers and nails.

Life Saber By 7th Floor

This one has been around for awhile but only recently has been made with an Australian plug. The Life Saber is a direct draw vaporizer with all the power you would ever want out of a vaporizer. It uses 7th Floor's famously hardy ceramic heating element and has a 100% glass vapour path besides any screens and ceramic disk you may be using. The Life Saber can be used for both dry herb and concentrate and works well at both. And is also very affordable. Price will be around the $250 mark. This sort of vaporizer style is comparable to the plenty in the way you use it. Although are very different vaporizers.


We want to stock what you guys need. So will be adding all sorts of accessories whether your looking for a tool of some sorts, cleaning supplies or just a little screen. We will have you covered.

Please feel free to get in contact with us should you need something that we don`t stock. We may have missed something and would be happy to add it to our shelves.