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Finally Dynavap will find a home in Australia. We are proud and excited to announce that High Tech Vaporizers will be teaming up with Dynavap to stock all your favourite Dynavap vaporizers, accessories and parts.

Dynavap is a truly unique vaporizer and the experience had with a Dynavap vaporizer is like nothing else on the market.

All Dynavap vaporizers are powered by butane torches. To use a Dynavap your favourite herb is loaded in the end of the vaporizer then the cap is re installed. This is when the heating takes place. And is also when things get interesting. The cap is heated using a butane torch until you hear a click. This means the Dynavap is at optimum temperature. You are now ready to take your draw. A few good draws from the Dynavap and you will hear once again the all impressive click. This means that the dynavap will need reheating unless of course you have already finished your herb.

Dynavap cater for a wide range of tastes with different materials used in the manufacture process to different shapes and sizes.  We will be stocking all types of Dynavap's so you can be sure you can find what you are looking for at High Tech Vaporizers.

Stay tuned for more in depth tips, tricks and techniques in regards to Dynavap vaporizers.

Kind Regards & Smooth Vapour

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