Australia`s Biggest Range Of VapeXhale`s HydraTubes & Accessories

VapeXhale @ High Tech Vaporizers

Here at High Tech Vaporizers we are committed to providing Australia with everything VapeXhale have to offer. From their ever changing range of HydraTubes and HydraBases, to all the accessories that go with it.

VapeXhale are always looking to improve their range. Just in the last couple of months they introduced the Hydra Mouthpiece (small water filtered mouthpiece), Lynx (adaptable water filter) and the Swiss Tree and Honeycomb HydraTube. And various other accessories. Also keep an eye out for the new Pulse HydraBase. Can`t wait!

hydratubes accessories

VapeXhale is one of the most popular herbal vaporizer brands on the market. This is not due to fancy big budget marketing. This purely owed to the quality of the products they produce and how dam good they are to use. Whether your vaporizing your favourite herb or a juicy concentrate VapeXhale is a leader in both. 

The Cloud Evo is also one of the most enjoyable to kit out. With each accessory altering your experience with the Evo. A new HydraTube, Hydrabase or any other accessory can really breath new life into your Evo.

swiss honeycomb and precision hydrabomb on evo station

While we do try to keep our shelves stocked, With the ever rising popularity of VapeXhale you may notice some products that have been sold out. Currently this is out of our control. But rest assure your favourite products are just a flight away. You may want to be quick though as the most sort after accessories can sometimes sell out faster then expected. 

VapeXhale have also chosen at least for now to discontinue their Classic HydraTube range. The replacement for these as far as size goes is the Swiss range of HydraTubes. There is still a few remaining Classic Turbine HydraTubes at High Tech Vaporizers though. So if you want to pick yourself up a classic this may be one of your last opportunities. Just to be clear their is a possibility they may bring the classic HydraTubes back into production. I was very surprised to see them drop that line as the classic is my go to.

Classic Turbine Hydratube vapexhale

Classic Turbine HydraTube