XL Wenge DynaStash ER

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XL Wenge DynaStash ER

The XL Wenge DynaStash ER is a must have for any 109mm vapcap owner. Wenge is a dark and moody wood and has a very unique grain structure that often has very smooth dark glossy grain mixed in with lighter shades that are more matt in appearance. XL dynastashes are capable of carrying one 109mm vapcap, a finger size amount of your favourite herb and there is also room for a stoking tool. Perfect for out and about users but also provides a safe home for your vapcap in any situation.


The ER version of this dynastash also comes with a small concentrate container and a wenge stash tool concealed under the lid.

The DynaStash also comes standard with the dynamag magnet. This magnet provides a handy spot to put your vapcap while cooling. 


  • 1 x XL Wenge Dynastash ER