Premium Vapman Classic Kotibe (Titanium MP)

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Premium Vapman Classic Kotibe

The Vapman system is one of the most beautiful vaporizers on the market. A true work of art that you will struggle to put down. Vapman is for the connoisseur who wants to take their time to really take in the whole experience. Once mastered it delivers fairly potent vapour considering the small bowl size. Very good for micro dosing but will surprise with the affects it produces. 

Please Note: The Vapman system is very technique dependant. When operated correctly you are rewarded with all it has to offer. But just know it could take some trial and error before you master this beautiful piece of functional art.  

Vapman Classic

The main difference between the Classic and Pure is that the Classic has the added heat shield. On the vapman classic they have installed a fine layer of mica [layer mineral] to protect the vapman from carbonization. The mica is a natural material and is absolutely harmless. Furthermore, it acts as a heat reflector which slightly increases the efficiency.

Vapman's ingenious operating principle makes it a reference product in its class. The sophisticated pan shape allows an even heat distribution while the built-in air nozzles provide hot fresh air supply and avoid gas inhalation.  This results in an unsurpassed vaporization experience. Handling is also very simple, just point the blue tip of the flame at the golden tip of the pan - heat up briefly - then inhale & repeat as often as necessary until the herbs are vaporized. (For more detailed info see "HOW TO ENJOY"). The included funnel makes filling herbs even easier. vapman and funnel fit precisely into the hemp casing.  The included maintenance kit was also selected with love and will make your vapman shine forever.


  • 1 x Vapman Classic Kotibe W/ Titanium Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Vapman Jet Lighter
  • 1 x Filling Funnel
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Screw Driver
  • 1 x Walnut Case
  • 1 x Wood Box
  • 1 x Glass Vial
  • 1 x Sieve 
  • 1 x Manual