VapeXnail Quartz

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Quartz VapeXnail

Given the rather expensive price of both the borosilicate and quartz tube sets we thought it would be beneficial for some to have the option to purchase single tubes. Buying singly works out at the same price so you don't have to worry about paying an inflated price just because you only want one or two.

Quartz Glass is extremely durable and is known for its hardiness during large temperature fluctuations. These tubes compared to the borosilicate will just about always last longer. So while they are more expensive they will likely work out cheaper in the long run.

Seriously Dense Vapour Production: VapeXhales Quartz Tubes enables the use of essential oils and concentrates. When used with the Evo you get a extremely potent vapour. Vapexnails really takes your Evo to another level.

To use VapeXnails simply place a small amount of essential oil in the VapeXnail through the slot at the bottom. Then slide the glass tube into the EVO. Once you visually start to see vapour oozing out the top place you hydratube or other inhalation device on the EVO and awaaaay you go.


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