Universal Silicone Plug

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Universal Silicone Plug

These silicone plugs are ideal for plugging up openings when cleaning your water pipes. They are also handy if you just want to seal up your glass while not in use.

Fit For All Holes

The Universal Silicone Plugs can be used on pretty much all joints and mouthpieces. In some cases you will be better off inserting the plug point down while other times you will get a better seal with the point facing away from the joint or mouthpiece. For 10mm and 18mm joints it is generally best to face the point inwards. And in some cases, same goes with the 14mm female joints. But with 14mm female joints that protrude outwards you can usually get a really nice seal by slipping the open base right over the top of the entire joint. 

When sealing mouthpieces you can sometimes get a really good seal by facing the point away from the opening like what is shown in the product pictures. But you would have to have the right size mouthpiece for this. If the size of your mouthpiece is too large or small then facing the point inwards will do the job just fine. 


When installing a silicone plug it should be twisted on instead of forcing it directly on. This will reduce the force required for installation. Last thing you want to do is break your favourite glass while you are trying to bring it's sparkly shine back. 

If you plan to shake around your cleaning solution with these plugs installed. Be sure they are in place well. With the point facing inwards it usually is not an extremely tight fit. You can take your hand off the plug and shake a cleaning solution around but it can be helpful to hold it in place if you are really going for it. For the most part you can expect them to stay in place by themselves. Just be sure they a well secure.


  • 1 x Universal Silicone Plug (Choose Colour)