Tinymight 2

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Tinymight 2

The original Tinymight was already one of the most impressive vaporizers on the market. And now with the Tinymight 2, the bar has been raised. The Tinymight 2 is everything the original Tinymight was but quite a lot more refined. It has an extremely fast heat up time and its performance is about as good as it gets. If you like thick chunky clouds in an instant this could be exactly what you are after. 

These Tinymights are the latest update with a new strengthened button assembly and stainless steel top sleeve which is hidden in behind the chamber.  


  • On Demand: In on demand mode you press the button when you want to inhale. 3 seconds or less is all the pre heat you need before initiating your in hale. And then release the button once you have finished your inhale. The Tinymight 2 heats up so fast that even off your first draw heavy clouds can be achieved with ease. And you don't have to crank it up to max for this to happen. 
  • Session Mode: In session mode your Tinymight will actively hold the intensity of heat at your desired level. If you are really wanting to get through your bowl in a hurry then this mode can be helpful.
  • High Power Convection Heating: Convection style vaporizers bring you herb up to vaporizing temperature by drawing hot air through your herb. 
  • Fast Heat Up: A blazing fast heat up of about 2 seconds.
  • Adjustable Herb Chamber: The herb chamber in the Tinymight can be adjusted by simply sliding the cooling unit into a position that give you a preferred chamber size.  
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery: Being able to replace batteries give you 2 advantages. One is that you can run multiple batteries so you never have any down time while needing to recharge. And the other is that your favourite vaporizer is not going to be stuck with a degraded battery after years of use. 
  • USB-C Charging: USB-C is new to the TM2 and with this you can expect very fast charging. 
  • 3 Year Warranty

What is new about the Tinymight 2?

Tinymight 2 is a result of all the learning and feedback we have received during our operations since 2019. The actual process of designing and finishing it has taken over 18 months and countless revisions to get to the point that we can now proudly introduce the new Tinymight 2. 

Choice of wood:  American Walnut wood allows the Tinymight 2 to stay a bit cooler, having better insulation properties than the oak. Also its grain structure is generally smoother so it allows to make the device feel more solid and smooth in hand. 

Size: Tinymight 2 is a big bigger than the original Tinymight. This allowed us three things: better insulation of heat, much more robust construction and more space for more sophisticated electronics.

Battery lid: We updated the battery lid to make it easier to exchange batteries. The original design had a recessed lid that often needed a coin to open it. New lid has a nice grippy surface to grab it and open easily without extra tools. 

Multitool: We included a tool with the Tinymight 2 on the top of the unit, always ready to be used when needed. The idea was to allow easier adjustment of the herb chamber volume without needing to look for a suitable tool as it is always with the unit. The same tool can be also used to stir the herb, to empty the contents of the chamber, and even upside down to tamp the herb with the handle side. 

New finish of metal parts:  The Tinymight 2 features a new finish on all external metal parts, to make them much more resistant to scratching so that it will be able to handle  active and carefree using and still keep its beauty for a long time.

USB-C Quick charge: Tinymight 2 has a completely new charging electronics. It allows very fast and efficient charging with much less wasted energy. It is designed to work with almost any possible adaptor, including USB ports of computers, power banks, car chargers, USB PD high speed chargers, Quick Charge compatible chargers, and it adapts the charge speed automatically to get the best out of the source. In case you will need, we also have as an accessory a USB-C adaptor that is tested to guarantee the maximum performance of TM2 charging.

General robustness:  A lot of work and attention has went to make the Tinymight 2 a very robust device, to allow carefree use for years to come. We looked at a list of issues we had ever had with the original Tinymight, causes of warranty returns, and decided to change everything that needed it. As a result, the unit has completely new construction, multiple new components, and additional steps in the manufacturing process to allow it to be much stronger and robust. 

Improved taste: The Tinymight 2 has multiple improvements to improve the taste of the vapor produced by the device. The heater is now controlled much more tightly, keeping its temperature and heat output at stable level in all situations. The new heat spreader and improved heater control allows the herb to be more evenly vaped and the end result is amazingly tasty thick vapor production.

Much improved electronics: The most visible change for the user is the different orientation of the battery inside the unit. But it is just part of the story. The whole electronics and the way the Tinymight heater is controlled has been redesigned. We used higher performing components, doubled the current carrying paths to allow greater energy delivery and started to 

In summary, the Tinymight 2 is a hand crafted piece of art that outperforms just about everything on the market when it comes to vapour output. And not just portable vaporizers. This has the sort of performance that easily rivals most desktop vaporizers.



  • 1 x Tinymight 2
  • 1 x 18650 Battery Installed
  • 1 x 55mm Glass Tube Installed
  • 1 x Cooling Unit Installed
  • 1 x Titanium Tube
  • 1 x Spare Parts Kit Including O-rings & Screens
  • 1 x USB-C Charge Cable
  • 1 x Carry Pouch
  • 1 x Instruction Manual