The Gentleman Pipe (For DynaVap Extraction Device)


Old Head TC Gentleman Pipe

Its time to kick back on that old rocking chair and enjoy the Gentleman Pipe from Old Head Trading Company. And while this may look somewhat gimmicky to some if you ever have a chance to experience this pipe you will quickly learn that it really does bring a whole new experience to dynavap. 

One feature that you will not see on the Gentleman Pipe is an airport. This means that the draw is going to be on the slow side. The slow draw on this pipe also adds to how smooth the vapour comes across as vapour is given more time to cool before it reaches your mouth. The vapour can also be cooled further by using the longer churchwarden stem that comes standard with this kit. 

These Gentleman Pipes are handcrafted out of pear wood and are specifically designed to be used with Dynavap tips and will NOT work as smoking pipes. There are no metal liners inside this pipe. So vapour will travel through wood before it hits the plastic stem.

Dynavap Tip NOT Included


  • 1 x Gentleman Pipe
  • 1 x Standard Sherlock Stem (Installed)
  • 1 x Long Churchwarden Stem