SLX Small Ceramic Coated Tray

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SLX Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Trays

These SLX trays are one of those items that are not necessarily essential but they do improve the whole preparation experience. And also help keep your session area clean and tidy.


  • 20cm x 10cm (This size is great for your herb alone)

When ever you are working with some sort of sticky herb these trays are ideal. Each tray has been coated in SLX's non stick ceramic coating. This hugely reduces the need to clean your tray. All that sticky icky will end up where it should.

The SLX tray itself is a great little accessory but you may also want to take it to another level with the addition of the art covered magnetic lids that are made especially for these trays. These lids are not 100% airtight but they will certainly help keep your herb safe and hidden until use. The Small Magnet Top Lid can be found HERE

Magnetic lid shown in product picture is NOT included


  • 1 x Small SLX Ceramic Coated Tray