SLX Extra Large BFG Grinder - 88mm

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SLX Extra Large BFG 88mm Herb Grinder

The new SLX BFG. This thing is seriously massive. If you have lots of herb to grind this is your beast. It is also worth noting the BFG produces a slightly more course grind compared to the small SLX grinders. The two smaller SLX grinders produce a good solid medium grind while the BFG is more of a medium course grind. 

The most important factor in regards to the SLX herb grinder is its non stick coating. Out of all grinders this grinder requires the least maintenance. You still may need to clean it at some stage but nowhere near as much as another grinder. 

Every SLX herb grinder is machined from 7075 aluminium, the alloy of choice for precision applications - from high performance jet aircraft to Space-X rockets. With exceptional strength, perfect balance, and unparalleled durability, your SLX grinder will last a lifetime and then some.

The coating is extremely durable and any part that ever fails will be replaced at no charge to you.


  • 1 x 88mm SLX Extra Large BFG Herb Grinder (Please Choose Colour)