Simrell Collection 14mm WPA (Titanium)

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Simrell Collection 14mm WPA (Titanium)

Like everything from Simrell Collection. This 14mm water pipe adapter is made to absolute perfection. if you are chasing a perfect seal against your water pipe or other 14mm accessory. the Simrell Collection 14mm WPA will be a great choice. 

This water pipe adapter has been made to fit all Simrell collection condenser tubes. If buying this for use with your Simrell Collection MVS you can remove the condenser tube from your MVS and slide it into this WPA. There is a rubber o-ring on the inside of this WPA that holds a simrell condenser tube in place. This also give you the ability to adjust the length of you condenser tube by pushing it in or backing it out. When you back the condenser tube out it pushes the tip of the condenser tube closer to the opening of your dynavap tip. the closer to the tip the condenser goes, the less air that will come through your air port. This is extremely handy on a standard dynavap stem like the M as it effectively gives you the same sort of adjustment as you get with the OMNI range from dynavap. 

Please Note: If buying this adapter for use with a dynavap stem. You will also need a Simrell Collection condenser tube. The standard dynavap condensers will be a loose fit as they are not as large of a diameter as the Simrell condenser tubes. 

Need a Simrell Condenser Tube to fit your new Simrell Collection 14mm WPA? Find your Simrell Condenser Tube HERE.

This water pipe adapter will also fit some whip hoses with an inside diameter of 7mm or smaller. Although you may have trouble getting the whip in place if your whip has an inside diameter of less than 4mm. it does not fit the larger type of whip hose but the commonly used thinner type will fit. 


  • 1 x Simrell Collection 14mm WPA (Titanium)