Simrell FMJ Full Metal Jacket (For CAPTIVE CAPS Only)

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Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

The FMJ from Simrell collection is designed to retain heat for longer giving you the ability to consume your bowl in one heat cycle. Each FMJ is constructed out of 99.99% copper. This material is extremely affective at retaining heat. 

Please Note: The FMJ will only work with captive caps. If you were to use this on a standard cap it would not stay on the tip. Cap is NOT included.

Simrell's Instructions on its use

Our signature logo is more than a symbol of authenticity. The logo on the FMJ serves as a visual reference point for your torch. 

For the perfect heat up, direct the flame at the Simrell logo. As the copper heats up, it will begin to change colour. When this “hot-spot” is the size of the logo, you’re at the perfect distance to heat the cap. Once it clicks, you will have approximately 60 seconds to clear the bowl.

Important Note About Installation

Simrell intends for the FMJ to be installed with the logo closest to the mouthpiece end. During installing you will find it is a snug fit. Sliding it on from the top of the cap (Closed end) seems to be the easiest method. 

It is possible that you could find some slight adjustment is needed to get your captive cap and FMJ to fit well together and snap onto the Dynavap tip. Some people have found it useful to slightly widen the gap in the cut that runs down the side of the FMJ. In general though it is more likely it will slide on into place with little fuss. A tight fit is optimal.



  • 1 x Simrell FMJ Full Metal Jacket