Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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Colour - Silver/Black Base
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The Silver Surfer Vaporizer looks like a piece of art you might put on the shelf. Truly pleasing to the eye. But don't be fooled by it's sweet looks the SSV by 7th Floor kicks like a mule. It's unique ceramic heating element produces all the convection heat you would ever want, and then some.

(If the colour of glass is important please get in touch to see what we currently have as this is always changing but always looks good)

Straight Outta Da Box

Straight out of the box the silver surfer has the ability to vaporizer dry herb and concentrate using the included whip and accessories. The SSV does both and both well.

Dry Herb And The Silver Surfer 

The SSV is an extremely powerful convection vaporizer. And dried herb is no match for it.

To vaporizer dry herb through the silver surfer, herb is placed in the wand on on top of the screen. Then the wand is pushed into the heater cover. It is at this point you take a long draw pulling heated air through your herb. The trick here is to find the right temperature for your draw rate. The slower the draw you take the lower the temp setting you would use. This vaporizer does have a learning curve but with a bit of trial and error you're quickly on your way to that special place your after.

Concentrates And The Silver Surfer

The silver surfer is the bees knees when it comes to concentrates. 

Included with the SSV is two ceramic flavour disks. These are used as you would use your herb but most likely on a higher heat setting. This works great but their is a mutch betting way to consume those precious concentrate. With the SSV you have your choice of a wide range of accessories NOT included with this kit, one of which being the Silver Surfer Essential Oil Kit.

 silver surfer essential oil kit

This kit comes with everything you need including a titanium nail to consume concentrate. Very high performing and rolls with the best of them when connected to a glass rig or in the case of the above pic a glycerine filled  Saturn Vapor Tamer.

Vapour Quality

The vapour quality from the SSV is strong and the flavours really do come through with this one. Especially if just using the whip. When you want dense cloud the SSV will deliver. If you are wanting to take in all that low temp flavour it also holds its own. 

Vape It Your Way

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer can be used in a endless amount of ways. As long as they are bringing out new glass there will always be a new experience to be had with the Silver Surfer. This is a great trait to have in a vaporizer that has proven to last the test of time. 

Spherical Glass

Spherical Glass is designed for the more hands on vaporizing experience. With Spherical you are able to twirl and maneuver the wand so as to better and more evenly roast your herb. Spherical glass also come with the hands free attachment. Essentially giving you best of both worlds. Using the hands free is another step needed in preparation and if you intend on only using with hands free then the Ground Glass option may be better suited.

Ground Glass

Ground glass is your no fuss plug and play option. No need to hold onto the wand while you vape with this set up. Simply load your wand with herb, insert the wand into the heater cover and you are ready for action.


  • 1 Silver Surfer Vaporizer®  220v  
  • 1 FREE hand made glass marble pick
  • 1 hand made glass marble temperature knob
  • 1 hand made frit worked heater cover
  • 1 Ceramic FlavorDisc
  • 1 complete Spherical or Ground Glass whip kit (includes a wand, food grade vinyl tube, Spherical or Ground Glass Heater Cover and a clear glass mouthpiece)
  • 1 Hands Free Attachment to secure the Whip Wand to the heater cover (ONLY WITH SPHERICAL GLASS)
  • 1 FREE pack of replacement screens for your wand
  • 1 padded travel bag with shoulder strap
  • 1 instruction manual