Ryot Piper Carbon Series (New)

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Colour - Grey

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The Ryot Piper Carbon Series is that perfect size for when you just need the bare essentials. But that doesn't mean that the piper is lacking in any way with its built in silicone pad, removable carbon filter divider walls, multiple pockets and water resistant canvas outer material. 

Smell Proof Carbon Series

One of Ryot's shining features is how they incorporate activated carbon into the design of their vape cases. In this model it is the 2 removable dividing walls that are loaded with carbon. It is this carbon that goes a long way in absorbing the bulk of any odor produces. And to back this up ryot have installed a special zip system that provides a physical barrier that also prevents unwanted smells from escaping and also stops rain water or shine from getting in.

At some point you may notice these carbon filters just aren't absorbing as much odor as they used to. When this happens it is time to pop them in the drier for 5 mins on high to reactivate the carbon.


19cm Length x 7.6cm Width x 12.7 Height


  • 1 x Ryot Piper Carbon Series