Ryot Hauler Bag Carbon Series

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Ryot's new Hauler Bag is capable of carrying large amounts of herb. It is smell proof, water resistant, lockable, size adjustable and also has two large outside pockets.

Smell Safe Carbon Series

The Ryot Hauler bag is completely lined with a carbon liner. This liner absorbs any unwanted smells with its activated carbon. The liner can also be removed via the zip at the top of the bag. This is necessary as it will eventually need to be reactivated by sticking in your drier for approximately 5 minutes on high. 

Adjustable Size

Please be aware this bag is HUGE. its holding capacity is 42-79 litres. To adjust the hauler all you need to do is fold the top down until it is tight against the contents. This is made easy by the rigid top section.

Heavy Seal Zip

The Hauler Bag has installed a special zip system that provides a physical barrier  from odors escaping and rain water or shine from getting in.

Hardy Construction

The Hauler Bag is made to last and is made from very heavy materials. This is not a bag that you would expect to throw out after a year or two. With proper care this bag will last a lifetime. 


FROM 24cm x 33cm x 58cm  TO 24cm x 53cm x 58cm

CAPACITY 42 - 79 Litres 


  • 1 x Ryot Hauler Bag Carbon Series