Ryot 4L Safe Case Carbon Series Large

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If you have ever tried to take your kit anywhere then you will know just how invaluable this smell safe Ryot Safe Case is.

Ryot have always been king when it comes to storing your goodies. And this latest edition has raised the bar even higher.

Please note that the current model now has the carry handle on top instead of on the side. And it now comes with a free lock.

Smell Safe Technology

The smell safe side of these vape cases comes from the activated carbon liner and the special zip system. This carbon liner can be reactivated when it starts to fail by simply popping in the drying on high heat setting for 5 mins. These guys have thought of everything.

Customizable Compartments

The Ryot Safe Case can handle a wide range of storage tasks and is up to the challenge of storing just about all portable vaporizers. This is due to the removable padded walls. This kit comes with 2 long walls and 3 short. Ontop of all the storage down below is the X-strap system located in the lid. Along with a mesh pocket and small zip bag. The small safe case will likely do the job for most but if this is not going to handle your kit then check out the large safe case.

Lockable Zips

The Safe Case has special zips installed which enable the use of a padlock. This can come in real handy if you find your chamomile going missing or if you just don't want anybody getting into you safe case.


Interior    Approx 21cm length X 14cm wide X 10cm height

Exterior   Approx 24.5cm length X 18cm wide X 12cm height

Please note that the interior height is more like 8.5cm with the carbon filter installed.


  • 1 x Large Safe Case Carbon Series 4L
  • 1 x Ryot Lock