The Runt Flame Powered Extraction Device

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Introducing the Runt. The latest edition from the good guys at Sticky Brick Labs. 

The Runt if you were to compare it to other sticky bricks is like if the OG Brick got together with a junior sticky brick. Those two sticky bricks get jiggy and have a baby and voila... The Runt is born. This is pretty much exactly what happened.

The Runt is a lot like the OG Brick except shrunken down and also with some new design features. As you can see from the photos the Runt utilizes a tongue and groove joint to help hold things together. The magnets are also used in a slightly different way with this sticky brick. Instead of having magnets that hold the intake brick to the herb chamber brick. There is instead only magnets that hold the intake and herb chamber to the mouthpiece brick. These magnets are purposely off centre to help hold both the herb chamber and intake brick tightly together. 

Another new feature that has come out with the Runt and is also now included with all sticky bricks is the edition of the restrictor disk. This helps reduce the chance of overheating and makes it a lot easier to use straight out of the box.

Beautiful Hardwood Construction

All Sticky Bricks are constructed out of beautiful natural hardwood. Its this hardwood that that adds a certain amount of character and personality you don't usually find in extraction device. 

Extreme Performance

Like all Sticky Bricks the Runt will produce a wide range of cloud densities. If it is extreme highly potent results you are after, no worries the Runt has you covered. But not only is the Runt great for potent aromatherapy it also brings the best out of what ever flavour is available. The type of results produced is highly reliant on the technique of the user. And will take some practice before you are consistently nailing your desired results.

How To Use This Runt

Firstly load your ground herb into the herb chamber and put the Runt back together.

Now your ready to go. Starting off with a small flame dip the tip of the flame into the intake of the runt at the same time as you are inhaling. A combination of draw speed, flame position and also flame size will determine what sort of results you end up with. 

Also keep in mind that the bottom carb hole on the Runt either needs to be covered with your finger until the end of your draw or plugged up with the included carb cork.

The beauty of these types of devices is that your technique plays a huge part in the end results. So if you don't like what you are getting. Simply tweak your technique until you do get the results you are after.


  • 1 x Runt Flame Powered Extraction Device
  • 1 x Honest Lighter ( empty for shipping )
  • 2 x Stainless Stir Stick
  • 2 x Wooden Stir Stick
  • 6 x Stainless Steel Screens
  • 2 x Carb Cork
  • 2 x Restrictor Disk (1 installed, 1 spare)