Rifled Vortex & Intercooler by Simrell Collection

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XL Vortex & Intercooler

Take your dynavap experience to the next level with the titanium Rifled Vortex by Simrell Collection. The Original vortex was already one of the most impressive stems on the market. Austyn Simrell has taken everything that worked on the previous model, added some extra features and flare to create what is now the Rifled Vortex. 

Please Note: DynaVap Tip & Cap Not Included

A little from the man himself

"The NEW Rifled Vortex stem features a highly anticipated upgrade to the OG Unibody Vortex stem: a threaded condenser

We aim to solve problems, not cause more. The OG Unibody Vortex stem offers incredibly cool goodness and top-tier extraction performance. But with an integrated non removable condenser, the system can be difficult to clean every nook and cranny without soaking it in ISO or keeping up on the cleaning every few days. The threaded condenser solves this issue and uses the same patented Vortex system you know and love with even more intercooler options.

The updated design of the Rifled Vortex stem also allows for modification of your intercooler. Now compatible with ALL of our intercoolers, you can use the Rifled Vortex with any of the following intercoolers:

  • Standard (OG or MVS)
  • High Flow
  • XL Cooling 

But we couldn’t stop there. This stem also features a cosmetic upgrade that ((until now)) had only been seen on a handful of our custom wood stems, the Helix pattern.⁠"

Dimensions: 79 mm x 10mm ( 109mm fully assembled with Dynavap Tip/Cap )

We sell a lot of a really nice products here at HTV but none seem to reach the level of perfection that is seen from The Simrell Collection. Their quality control is quite literally flawless and that is what you can expect from any Simrell product. 


  • 1 x Rifled Vortex & Intercooler (Choose intercooler)