Pordebowl by Old Head TC

$48.95 AUD
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Colour - Black

Old Head TC Pordebowl

A very neat design By Old Head Trading Company. The Pordebowl is a portable debowler that adds convenience to your dynavap experience. It's main function is to make emptying your spent herb out of a herb chamber easy. And while this is designed to be used with dynavap tips it can also be used with various other vaporizers. 

While in not in use or in transit the Pordebowl lid sits firmly in place due to its silicone o-ring which seals onto the bowl. This o-ring also creates an airtight seal trapping odour inside.

Another function that the Pordebowl provides is a place to sit your vapcap thanks to the dynamag which is embedded in the lid.

To set the pordebowl up, simply remove the lid, pull out the stainless steel debolwing tool and insert the debowling tool back in the hole with the spike pointing upwards. This debowling tool can also be used as a tamping and stirring tool.

When you are finished using your pordebowl, simply reverse the setup process and you are done. 


  • 1 x Pordebowl (Please Choose Colour)