Phoenician Large 4pc Grinder

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Phoenician Large 4pc Grinder

Phoenician Engineering are world famous for their premium herb grinders. And the large phoenician is their flagship with its extra wide body complete with papers dispenser and ashtray. Not that you would want to ash on one of the sexiest grinders ever made.

The Phoenician Large grinder has the capability to grind large amounts of herb at once. And as it is a monster sized grinder this one is at home on your desk not so suited to mobile use. 

Coarse Grind Phoenician

All 4 piece phoenician grinders are aimed at a more coarse grind. When herb is ground/cut in a phoenician it goes through a lot less stress then your classic grinder. This characteristic helps to retain flavour and is often noticeable while vaping as your herb will have just a little extra zing in the flavour department. 

Before purchasing a phoenician grinder be sure to check that a coarse grind suits your needs.

Medical Grade

When Phoenician say they make medical grade grinders they really mean it. Each grinder comes sterile in a seal container. No need to clean down your new grinder to remove factory oils and dust. There has never been a grinder that comes so clean.

Phoenician Patented Thread Lock

No more issues with cross threading with a phoenician grinder. One of the shining features of all phoenician grinders is their patented thread lock. With as little a twist as 1/8 your grinder is locked and ready to go. Besides being quick and easy to open and close the other huge advantage to this design is cleaning. I'm sure you have all noticed how much gunk builds up in the threads of your trust grinder. This design eliminates that.

Replaceable Screen

Phoenician grinders are made to last a lifetime and its this reason they have made it possible to replace the screen inside your favourite grinder.


Height : 56mm

Diameter : 82mm


  • 1 x Phoenician Large 4pc Grinder