Passthrough Adapter 10mm/14mm

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Passthrough Adapter 10mm/14mm

There really is no one way to describe the use of the Passthrough Adapter. It opens up a lot of doors in the way you can adapt your vaporizers. 

The Passthrough Adapter comes standard with a 10mm glass plug which allows you to cut off the 10mm female joint. You can also use this 10mm joint to connect a second vaporizers or use it is an airport while having another device connected to the 14mm joint. Below are just a few ways you can use your Passthrough adapter.

  • With a Freight Train extraction chamber connected to the main 14mm joint you can then use the 10mm joint as a carb/air port. You can cover this 10mm joint up using your finger or simply pull the 10mm plug when you are ready to clear your glass piece.
  • With multiple vaporizers. This can be a little tricky but this Passthrough adapter does give you the ability to connect two vaporizers. You can connect just about every vaporizer through the 14mm connection while also connecting a vaporizer like dynavap through the 10mm joint. This makes for some very interesting results. And often surprising as this can hit you in the face when you get it right.
  • Using the 10mm or 14mm as a carb/airport. This is probably the most widely used method with the passthrough adapter. Connect your vaporizer up to the suitable sized joint then use the other joint as a shotty. Where possibly it is generally more user freindly to use the 10mm as the air port. 
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  • ? If you have an idea in your head for the Passthrough Adapter there is a good chance it will work.


  • Top Joint : 14mm Female
  • Side Joint : 10mm Female with 10mm male plug
  • Bottom Joint : 14mm Male


  • 1 x 14mm/10mm Passthrough Adapter
  • 1 x 10mm Plug