NonaVong-S Light Wood

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NonaVong-S Light Wood

The Light Wood Nonavong-S brings a new dimension with the addition of beautiful light timbres. The Nonavong also has a spinning wood mouthpiece and a titanium tip. Not to mention a 14mm male body. All the ingredients for a great vaporizer.

The light wood midsection has trisected nonagon geometry. This helps stop your vapcap from rolling around and also adds a certain artistic appeal to the vaporizer. Like all vapcaps dynavap have not just focussed on function but also aesthetics.  

The entire DynaVap range is created around one of the most unique and exciting heating systems around. And is seriously fun to use and experiment with as you find the right technique that yields the result you are looking for.

How Do You Use It

To use the Nonavong-s the cap is heated using a lighter (usually a torch lighter) until you hear a click. It's time to take your draw as you feather your finger on and off the carb/air inlet hole until you find the sweet spot. After two or three draws the cap will click again signifying the temperature has dropped below the optimum temperature and will either need reheating or repacking.

One of the best things about vapcaps is that you can find your own technique that produces the sort of vapour you like. Unlike most electronic vapes where you get the same experience every time. You have the power to change your technique resulting in a new fresh vapour experience.

Built In 14mm Male Connection

Probably the most shinning feature of the Nonavong-s is the ability to stick it straight in a 14mm female glass joint. This opens up a world of fun with all your 14mm glass rigs.



  • Light Wood spinning Mouthpiece
  • 14mm Light Wood Vong Midsection
  • Standard Condenser
  • 92mm Long
  • Adjustable Depth Herb Chamber


  • 1 x Light Wood Nonavong-S
  • 1 x Storage Tube