Mighty Cooling Unit

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The mighty cooling unit has been meticulously designed to give you smooth, cool tasty vapour. It has fins surrounding the unit as well as inside which wik the heat away to a level in which the vapor is comfortable to inhale. But over time you may notice the vapor just isn't what it used to be. Well then it's time for a brand new cooling unit. The mighty's cooling unit was designed to be a sacrificial part. It is the only part on the vaporizer that really gets dirty and the guys from Storz and Bickel have made it really easy and affordable to really refresh your vaporizer back to new.

It can also be really handy and convenient to run 2 cooling units in rotation. Always having a clean one on hand.

Current version of the mighty cooling unit has the Storz and Bickel logo on the locking cap instead of the word mighty. 


  • 1 x complete Mighty cooling unit