Gold Platted Copper Dynavap Sleeve

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Gold Platted Copper Dynavap Sleeve

The Gold Platted Copper Dynavap sleeve is made out of copper and is coated with real Gold. This Coating means it will hold its shine unlike uncoated copper sleeves. 

What this sleeve does is add a whole heap of heat retention to your dynavap cap. This keeps you at vaporizing temperature for longer. Giving you the ability to consume a bowl in one good heat cycle. Two at the most. 

If you are familia with the Simrell FMJ which is also constructed out of copper. This gold Platted Copper Sleeve is a touch thinner than the Simrell FMJ. So you can expect this Gold Platted Sleeve to get you to the click faster but won't hold its heat for quite as long as the Simrell FMJ. 

Whether you already have a FMJ or Armored Cap, this Gold Platted Copper Sleeve is still very much worth adding to your collection as it does indeed give you a different experience. You still do get that extended time at vaporizing temperature compared to the standard cap but because it is a little thinner than the Armored cap or Simrell FMJ, you will find the flavour is a little better on this sleeve. 


This sleeve is best used with Dynavap's captive caps. It can also be used with Dynavap's standard caps but you may need to work the sleeve into the right shape to get it to hold on to your liking. 

You will most likely find your Gold Sleeve slides straight on and that is all that is needed. But if yu would like some extra pressure to hold your cap on the Gold Platted Copper Sleeve can very easily be adjusted by simply squishing it inwards. This is made easy via the slit at the rear of the gold Sleeve.

PLEASE NOTE: Dynavap cap or full vaporizer is NOT included. Only the gold sleeve is included.


  • 1 x Gold Platted Copper Sleeve