Lynx Whip Kit by VapeXhale

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Bringing Smoothness To The Whip

The Lynx Whip Kit combines the ease of use from the whip with the added smoothness from the Lynx. 

The LYNX has a circ style percolator with a 18 mm female joint on the bottom and a 18 mm male joint on top. This can be mixed and matched into an endless amount of setups.

The whip consists of a 61cm silicone hose, a nebula mouthpiece and VapeXhale`s patented whip adapter.

Whether you want to smooth out your vapor with the water filtered Lynx and whip or have a stronger less filtered vapor this kit has got you covered.

Stands 6 in. / 15.3 cm tall.

Hose length 24 in. / 61 cm. 

18mm connection.

"Circ" style percolator.