Ispire Wand (Basic Kit)( Batteries NOT Included)

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Ispire Wand

Please Note: This kit now comes with a glass carb cap instead of the the white ceramic version pictured on this page. The glass version is more user friendly and allows easier manipulation of the carb cap during use.

The Ispire Wand is very much the tip of the spear when it comes to what is capable from an induction heating device. Originally designed for its own wax/concentrate and dry herb bowls but also can be used with dynavap. And to be honest for most people it seems this is their go to for heating Dynavap. 

Batteries are NOT included in the basic kit. 2 x 18650 batteries are required to run the Ispire wand. 

DynaVap Compatible 

When it comes to dynavap there is plenty of induction heaters on the market. But what makes this one special is that it has replaceable batteries and it's ability to be able to change the temperature setting anywhere from 250F to 800F. Given the Ispire Wand was not necessarily designed specifically for dynavap those temperatures settings may not be 100% accurate to what your dynavap tip is heating to. But for sure this does give you the ability to really dial in what works best for you. And results will always be repeatable.

All Ispire wand accessories including dynavap adapters can be found HERE


The Wand combined with our borosilicate glass bangers create a safe and easy dabbing experience by eliminating the need for a torch along with the wires and coils found with other eNails. By using borosilicate glass bangers with an induction heating method, The Wand is able to precisely heat the banger to your desired temperature. Once it is at the perfect dabbing temperature, place the concentrate in one of our borosilicate glass bangers and take the perfect hit.


  • Induction Heating- Will heat any metal that is placed in its cylinder.
  • Adjustable Temperature Settings- Adjust the temperature anywhere from 250F to 800F
  • Replaceable Battery System (This kit does NOT come with batteries) 2 x 18650 batteries are required to run the wand. In the Pro kit which does come with batteries Ispire include 2 x 18650 2900 mAh batteries.
  • DynaVap Compatible- Can be used to heat any dynavap device.
  • Auto & Manual Mode- The Ispire Wand can be set to either mode. Auto Mode means that no button needs to be pressed for the wand to heat your metal bowl when it is inserted. With Manual Mode you need to hold the button in for the induction heater to engage.
  • Built In Safety Features- This is all about protecting your Ispire Wand giving you trouble free use for years to come. 
  • USB-C Charging Cable- The cable is supplied but a charger is not included. The charger will need a standard USB port.
  • Combustion Mode- Given we are all about vaporizers this is a mode you may never dip your toes into. But it should be said that this version of the Ispire Wand has a whole other separate mode called flower mode which will combust your herb.
  • Straight Up Awesomeness 


    • 1 x The Wand
    • 1 x Angled Banger
    • 1 x Straight Banger
    • 1 x Inner Cup
    • 1 x Bottomless Inner Cup
    • 1 x Carb Cap
    • 1 x USB-C Charger cable (Charger Not included. A charger with standard USB slot is required)
    • 1 x User Manual