Hot Rod Thermal Extraction Heater (220V)

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HOT ROD by Old Head TC

Strap yourself in for this one. The Hot Rod thermal extraction heater brings a high level of vaporizing performance to bubblers. 

The Hot Rod is a desktop thermal extraction heater designed by Old Head, featuring a titanium heater assembly that houses a ceramic heating rod sheathed in a matrix of 3mm ruby balls, housed in a sleek walnut and cherry handle by Sticky Brick Labs.

In the perfect marriage of form and function, the Hot Rod provides thorough extraction with a crisp and clean signature through your existing 14mm glass labware* - in an attractive package that will look right at home on any desk/table and that operates at less than 20 watts of power!

This is the 220V version and will plug straight into our Aussie power points.

Please note that this is a hand crafted wooden product, as such the look of the product you receive (colour of the wood, the grain, etc.) will vary from the unit pictured. 

The Hot Rod is designed by Old Head in California, and made in the USA of domestic and globally sourced parts.