Quartz Heater Enhancer For Silver Surfer/Da Buddha/Super Surfer

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7th Floor Heater Enhancer

If you want to take your Da Buddha, Silver Surfer or Super Surfer Vaporizer to the next level then the Quartz Heater Enhancer is a must. 

What the Quartz Heater Enhancer does is creates more surface area to generate convection heat. This doesn't necessarily give you a higher heat but it does speed up the extraction rate which leads to more vapour each time you take a draw.

To install, all you need to do is remove the heater cover then slide the heater enhancer over the ceramic heating element. Please ensure you vaporizer is completely cool before doing this.

Please note that there are different sizes for each type of 7th Floor vaporizer so you will need to choose the correct type.


  • 1 x Heater Enhancer (Please Choose Type)