Gold OmniVap Titanium

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Gold OmniVap Titanium

The  Gold OmniVap Titanium is DynaVap's latest and greatest creation. Everything DynaVap is known for is packed into this teeny tiny 92mm long package. And now for a limited time comes in gold anodizing.

Please note that while gold is the predominant colour on these vapcaps, there is always different shades of gold on each vaporizer. Some will have a bit of pink running through the gold, some with bits of blue and some with a bit of everything. But gold is the main colour. Please look carefully at the pictures to see what you can expect before purchasing.

The entire DynaVap range is created around one of the most unique and exciting heating systems around. And is seriously fun to use and experiment with as you find the right technique that yields the result you are looking for.

How Do You Use It

To use the OmniVap Titanium the cap is heated using a lighter (usually a torch lighter) until you hear a click. It's time to take your draw as you feather your finger on and off the carb/air inlet hole until you find the sweet spot. After two or three draws the cap will click again signifying the temperature has dropped below the optimum temperature and will either need reheating or repacking.

One of the best things about the OmniVap Titanium is that you can find your own technique that produces the sort of vapour you like. Unlike electronic vaporizers that are limited in adjustability your actions play a big part in the results.The Omni Titanium's vapour quality can also be altered by a twist of the mouthpiece which moves the condenser tube closer to the tip.

Only A DynaVap Owner Knows The Feeling

There is something truly special about the OmniVap Titanium that you can only know once you have one in your hands. Don't want to sound like a pushy salesman but words and pictures can only say so much. You just have to experience it for yourself.


  • Titanium Omni Mouthpiece
  • Titanium Body Midsection
  • Omni Condenser (adjustable)
  • 92mm Long
  • Adjustable Depth Herb Chamber


  • 1 x OmniVap Titanium
  • 1 x Storage Tube