Freight Train Flower Engine Add-On Kit

$259.95 AUD
Tax included.

The Freight Train w/ Flower Engine is a high-power thermal extraction heater. The heater body (or engine) is constructed of grade 2 titanium, and filled with 4mm ruby spheres. The screenless design of the engines means that these are the only two materials in the heat path of the device, making for clean and flavorful extraction.

The Freight Train w/ Flower Engine is the epitome of the daily driver. It effortlessly and efficiently thermally extracts whatever dry material you throw in front of it. The showerhead design on the Flower Engine is carefully tuned to restrict the airflow through the heater, in order to provide an experience that mimics the traditional combustion of a full 'packed bowl' through your labware, in effort to provide a comfortable and familiar user experience that isn't overpowering. (Please note that you are a real 'heavy hitter', it's likely you will far more likely appreciate the Pro Engine which is tuned for nearly unrestricted airflow. In fact we've also heard that the opposite is true, those who naturally have/prefer a slower draw speed also tend to prefer the Pro engine.)

The Freight Train injector features a unique tapered finned design, that makes it compatible with most extraction chambers made for 18mm injectors. The Starter Kit comes with a glass extraction chamber made for the Freight Train’s 18mm injector, which has a 14mm male glass connector to fit right into your existing 14mm labware setup. (Extraction chambers for 18mm labware are also available separately) 

The Add-on Kit comes with a Flower Engine ready to plug into your Old Head or Auber PID.

- High-Power Heater! Use with caution!
- Exposed coil/element is extremely hot. Do NOT touch once powered on!
- Do not leave unattended while powered on!


  • 1 x Flower Engine
  • 1 x coil for freight train PID