The New Flip Brick By Stick Brick Labs

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Flip Brick

New to the flip brick vaporizer is an Extended Stem, Extended Flame Intake and Longer Airpath. This has made an already awesome vaporizer a little easier to use.

The Flip Brick turns any rig with a 18 or 14mm female glass joint into a on demand convection vaporizing beast. 

Like all Sticky Brick Lab vaporizers the Flip Brick is hand crafted out of natural hardwood. Its this construction method that adds charm and character to the overall vaporizer. Hardwood construction means that no two Flip Bricks are ever identical in appearance. The uniqueness of ever vaporizer is part of what makes Sticky Bricks so appealing. 

The Flip Brick is made up of 3 separate wooden blocks that are held together by magnets. While these magnets are not as strong as you find on other larger Sticky Brick vaporizers. They are still very strong and perfect for the size. Conveniently the Flip Brick sits flat on a table making it easy to load and store away. When ready for installation into your rig the connecting block effortlessly flips around and is ready for action. The block with the flame intake is also easily pivoted to the side making it easy to load your Flip Brick.

You can expect with the Flip Brick that there will be a small learning curve to mastering the correct technique that produces the results you are after. A mixture of draw speed and torch position is what's required. Once you have mastered your Flip Brick premium vapour quality awaits you. All Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers give you the ability to have extremely potent thick clouds to low temp tasty vapour. 

The good folks at Sticky Brick Labs offer a Lifetime Warranty on the hardwood body of all Sticky Brick vaporizers. The glass however only has a 15 day warranty. But with the quality glass used in Sticky Brick vaporizers it would take some serious punishment to break any part including the glass. For piece of mind and fast service warranty claims can be made locally with High Tech Vaporizers.


  • 1 x Flip Brick Vaporizer (14mm connection included)
  • 1 x 18mm Male Connection
  • 1 x Jet Lighter Torch (empty for shipping)
  • 2 x Wooden Picks
  • 1 x Metal Stir Tool
  • 6 x Spare Screens