ELEV8R Vaporizer Rig Kit

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ELEV8R Rig Kit

Introducing the latest from 7th Floor and Elev8 Glass. The Elev8r is refreshingly simple yet kicks it with the best of them.

The Rig Kit version of the Elev8r is a stripped down kit. But what is included is everything you need to enjoy the elev8r through your 14mm rig.

The Elev8r is a full convection vaporizer that can be attached to any glass rig with a 14mm female glass joint.

It should aslo be mentioned that the Elev8r is not the easiest vaporizer to use and does take some setting up before you are ready to go but once you have the technique dialled in it becomes a really unique and enjoyable experience.  

Water Attachment

The Elev8r really is king in water. Whether you are using dry herb or concentrate the Elev8r is right at home in your favourite rig. 

Massive Draws

The Elev8r has no problem in the power department. The strength of the heat produced from the elev8r heater is totally up to you. And does have the capability to combust. Not that you are trying to combust but does speak volumes for its power. 

How Its Used

To use the Elev8r vaporizer the glass heater is heated using a butane torch for approximately 45 seconds. (This time will vary greatly depending on how powerful your torch is). Then it's as simple as taking a draw through your preloaded herb or ceramic disk with concentrate. Generally you will get two to three draws before you need to reheat.


While the elev8r is one hell of a vaporizer extra care is needed to ensure you do not burn yourself, safety first. The glass heater reaches extremely high temperatures and any contact with this heater while hot will result in injury.


  • 1 x Elev8r heater
  • 1 x 14mm Rig adapter (Choose Screen Type, Glass or Steel)
  • 1 x Set of replacement screens
  • 1 x Metal tongs
  • 1 x Sick Clip