Elev8 Dab Straw

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Elev8 Dab Straw

Elev8 Dab straws are the most affordable way to partake in dabs. And while they may be small in price they are in no way small in affect.

Each Dab Straw is hand crafted by elev8 glass artisans using borosilicate glass. For convenience and safety in mind each straw has a flat section so there is no chance in your hot straw rolling off the table and breaking or burning you.

To use elev8s dab straws all you need to do is heat up the end for approximately 30 seconds, this will vary depending on the power of you torch. Then dip the straw into some concentrate and inhale. Alternatively you can dab your concentrate directly onto the end of the straw using a dab tool. 

As Elev8's dab straws are hand crafted they do vary a lot in shape and size but still all perform in the same way.


  • 1 x Elev8 Dab Straw