Ed's TnT/Dynavap Vapcap - TigerWood

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Looking for something a bit different? This vapcap has been put together using both dynavap and Ed's TnT parts. All components are genuine dynavap parts while the stem is from Ed's TnT.

This set up can be purchased with both a stainless steel tip or a titanium tip.

This vacap is used in basically the same way a dynavap vapcap is used. With the only slight difference being the size of the airport. All Ed's TnT stems have a smaller airport which lets less air in. This smaller hole means that it is less important to partially or fully cover the hole during use. You can and will still find covering the hole or partially covering it useful but if you are used to dynavaps larger holes you will notice the difference and also the benefit of having a smaller hole. The smaller hole is comparable to having an omni condenser with it set forward so less air comes in. 

The Dynavap System

Dynavap created one of the most unique systems of vaporization found in the industry. One of the most shining aspects of dynavap is its versatility in how you can use it and put them together. Everything is modular and most parts can be interchanged.

To use this vaporizer ground herb is packed into the tip, then the cap is put in place. The cap is then heated until you hear a click. It is now time to take your draw. It is during inhale you may find benefit from either covering or partially covering the airport. Generally letting some air through the airport will give best results as this helps cool the vapour before inhale.

Once you hear the cap click again you can either finish up or repeat the heating cycle. 

As you the user has a large degree of control over the process with a dynavap styled vaporizer you will find some trial and error is necessary before you really dial in what works best for you.


  • Dynavap Titanium Tip or Stainless Steel Tip
  • Dynavap Cap
  • Dynavap Dark Wood Mouthpiece
  • Ed's TnT Tigerwood Stem


  • 1 x Ed's TnT/Dynavap Vapcap - TigerWood