Ed's TnT 62mm Gabon Ebony Stem for Dynavap/Vapcaps


Ed's TnT Gabon Ebony Stem

These simplistic yet beautiful 62mm Stems are hand crafted by Ed over at Ed's TnT. Each one is beautifully finished out of Gabon Ebony wood which brings a really natural dark tone to your vapcap. These stems are made to be used with dynavap products. So basically anywhere a dynavap 62mm stem can be used this can be used in place. 

One other point that should be noted with Ed's version of the stem when compared to the genuine dynavap stems is the size of the airport/carb. Ed't TnT stems have a really small airport about 5 times smaller in size then the dynavap stems. This means that when fully opened less air comes through the airport. While you have less range with Ed's version, what you do gain is more opportunity to inhale with no coverage on the airport at all. It can still be used but is not necessary for good results. 

Dynavap Parts Not Included, STEM ONLY.


  • 1 x Ed's TnT 62mm Gabon Ebony Stem