DynaVap Single Jet Lighter (Honest)

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DynaVap Single Jet Lighter (Honest)

If you are familia with the popular and all so reliable Honest jet lighter then you know this lighter exactly. Dynavap aim for quality so it says a lot that we now see the DynaVap name on this lighter. It is a very simple single flame jet lighter with a clear tank which is such a great feature for any lighter. These clear tank lighters pretty much always have a significantly larger tank than much more expensive metal cased lighters. 


  • Adjustable Single Jet Flame
  • Cap Attached With Chain: This may seem like a near pointless feature but keeping the outlet covered up while not in use gives some insurance that debris doesn't build up in the outlet. it doesn't take much debris to clog up any jet lighter.
  • Clear Tank
  • About As Reliable As They Get


  • 1 x DynaVap Honest Jet Lighter