Duality (1+1 Torch)

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Dynavap Duality

A very special creation from Dynavap. This lighter has two modes. Single flame and dual flame. 

  • Quickly flick a switch to go between a single or double flame
  • Uses butane fuel
  • Large fuel window allows you to easily see the fuel level at all times
  • Pocket proof ignition to ensure safety
  • Flint ignition with a replaceable flint (Please note: this system of flint ignition does require a good solid flick down of the flint wheel to get the duality sparked up. A solid flick will generally get it sparked straight up but additional flicks is sometimes necessary to get it cracking)
  • Flame adjustment dial on bottom

Caution: As soon as you open the lid gas will begin to flow until you close the lid again. 


  • 1 x Duality Jet Lighter (Please Choose Colour)(BUTANE NOT INCLUDED)