Double Airport Flute Stem for Dynavap

$29.95 AUD
Tax included.
Colour - Orange

Double Airport Flute Stem

Possibly one more airport then necessary but one thing is for sure, the Flute does produce some very enjoyable vapour. That is with the addition of a dynavap tip of course. 

What gives the Flute its characteristics is the small glass balls trapped inside and the few indents that hold the balls in place. These obstacles create turbulence as the vapour is sucked through the stem which cools and conditions the vapour.  

Please be aware, this stem has 2 airports. 1 airport is on one end while the other airport is on the other. So this means you will usually need to use two hands to use this stem. 

Dynavap tip NOT included


  • 1 x Double Airport Flute Stem