Dab-Ready (Old Head TC) 240V

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Dab-Ready by Old Head TC

The Dab-Ready is another very well thought out device from Old Head TC. 

Keep your favorite 25mm banger* at your preferred extraction temperature, and be 'Dab-Ready' at a moments notice, with the patent-pending Dab-Ready by Old Head!

The Dab-Ready is an electric heater designed to keep your 25mm quartz labware at your preferred extraction temperature. It will work with most quartz labware that has a 25mm bucket. (Quartz bucket must be 25mm from top to bottom, this will not work with flared bottom or faceted bottom 25mm labware)
This means no more torching, which means no more buying butane, and no more noisy heat-ups! With the Dab-Ready, your quartz is just quietly kept at temperature, and ready to use at a moment’s notice, which also means there’s no more lengthy cool-downs!

With the quartz labware in the heater on power-up, the labware will reach temperature within 3 minutes of first turning the unit on. Once the unit is powered on, it can generally heat your labware in about 90 seconds - but the device is meant to be turned on at the start of your session, with the labware in place, so that your labware is hot and ready whenever you want to use it. After use, just clean it out, and put it back on the heater, and it will be hot and ready by the time you're ready to use it again!

This listing is for the Australian model, which operates at 240V.

Please Note: The Dab Ready does NOT come with quartz labware. The banger in the photo is shown for demonstration only. 


  • 1 X Dab-Ready Heater 240V
  • 1 X Aus Power Cord

- High-Power Heater! Use with caution!
- Metal components get extremely hot! Do NOT touch once powered on!
- Do not leave unattended while powered on!
- Do not use/set above 680F!