CVault Small Medium Large Set

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CVault Small Medium Large SET

The Cvault Small Medium Large set consists of 1 small, 1 Medium and 1 large CVault. This set will give you the optimum size for a wide amount of herb.


  • Small CVault       7-12 grams
  • Medium CVault   14-24 grams
  • Large CVault       50-56 grams

Storing herb in humidity controlled containers ensures your herb will last as long as possible. Herb kept in poor conditions with humidity that is too high or too low will loose potency at a faster rate. You can be sure your herb will be kept at the ideal humidity when using CVault in combination with the included Boveda Humidity Pack.

Fight The Mould

CVaults with bovedas installed eliminate the chance of mould and also stops any existing mould from further growing. This is done by keeping the humidity below the point in which mould accelerates its growth.

Improved Appearance & Aroma

CVaults with bovedas installed help to retain both the rich aromas of your herb as well as hold onto some of those vibrant colours your herb might have.

Retains Potency 15% Better

Studies conducted by a independent laboratory in California have found that herb stored in a CVault with Boveda retains 15% more potency then other general storage alternatives. 

All CVault`s come with 62% Boveda Humidity Pack. 

CVault`s are constructed out of high Quality food grade stainless steel and the lid is lined with a silicone seal to ensure your CVault is airtight. There is also a slot in the lid where the Boveda humidipak can be installed.

What`s Included

  • 1 x Small CVault
  • 1 x 62% 8g Boveda
  • 1 x Medium CVault
  • 1 x 62% 8g Boveda
  • 1 x Large CVault
  • 2 x 62% 8g Boveda