Crafty/Mighty Adapter

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The Crafty/Mighty Adapter provides a quick and easy solution for anyone wanting to hook your vape up to your favourite rig or glass mouthpiece.

This adapter will certainly get the job done but it is worth noting that the screen in this adapter will sit higher above the herb chamber than the screen in the original cooling unit/mouthpiece. So if using upside for example it can help to overpack your herb chamber so your herb doesn't move around during use.

To install the adapter simply twist it on so there is enough pressure to hold it in place. This is not like the original cooling unit so it will not click into place. So be sure not to over tighten it. 

There are three types of adapter. Your standard 14mm and 18mm adapter. And also a 3in1 adapter with a 10, 14 and 18mm adapter in one.

Just keep in mind the 3in1 is handy but the seal is generally not quite as good as the other 14 and 18mm dedicated adapters.

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