Chill Steel Pipe

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Colour - Black

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Chill Steel Pipe

The Chill Steel Pipe is a revolutionary bubbler design that utilizes the same type of double walled vacuum sealed design cups like the Yeti use. The result is the ability to maintain temperatures for long periods. Chill Steel Pipes work extremely well when loaded with ice. Ice stays solid for an extended amount of time, giving you plenty of time to vape through your session. Enjoying that icy cold vapour.

Modular Design

Chill Steel Pipes can be easily pulled apart for cleaning and installing ice. The down stem itself also comes apart into multiple pieces. This also gives you the ability to set different levels for how deep the stem is in the water.

14mm female connection

The included down stem on your Chill Steel Pipe has a 14mm female connection built into it, which enables the connection to any 14mm male joint. The Vong from dynavap is a perfect partner for the Chill Steel Pipe. But there is plenty of other vapes and accessories that can be easily connected to the Chill Steel Pipe. 

Clean Design

The ability to pull a Chill Steel Pipe apart makes it an easy device to keep clean. This is made easier by the glossy white ceramic coating that is on the inside of all Chill Pipes. Even the stainless steel version has this coating. Simply wash it out with some isopropyl alcohol every now and then and you will be back in action.


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