Calyx by VapeXhale

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Another edition to the VapeXhale lineup. The Calyx has been created with comfort in mind and is also a great alternative to the more expensive hydratubes.

Circ Perc

Inside the unique looking Calyx is a circ style percolator. Which provides just enough percolation to take the edge of the roughest of vapour. 

Comfortable Mouthpiece

It is nice to see something different done when it comes to mouthpieces. The Calyx mouthpiece was designed solely around comfort and in the endeavour to create this fits like a glove mouthpiece a very unique mouthpiece was born. A surprising amount of glass is used to create this mouthpiece and you can see it in its thickness.

At only 19cm tall the Calyx is great for traveling and is also very solid. Probably one of the more crack resistant water filters VapeXhale have released.

The Calyx like all our glass pieces are hand blown by skilled glass artisans. While VapeXhale's glass artisans try to make each piece as consistent as possible it is impossible to produce two glass pieces exactly the same. Slight variations can be expected. These guys take a lot of pride in their work so you can be sure that you are receiving high quality work. 


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